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  • L'EQUILIBRE YOGA 6 Passage Saint-François Lausanne, VD, 1003 Switzerland (map)

Workshop is open to all - no previous experience required.

About the course

This course draws upon the deep roots of Asian medicine from Thailand to China and India. Integrating these regions philosophy will shed light to the medicinal approach to this work while learning to perform a Thai Massage.

Thai massage or "Lazy yoga" is an ancient unique and powerful HEALING system with acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, assisted yoga postures, physical, energetic and spiritual healing techniques and concepts.

An ART form in Thailand, this massage is essentially assisted yoga performed by the therapist, with the receiver remaining completely passive during the session.

Using your WHOLE body you create a rhythmic meditation between you and receiver, constant body contact, but rather than rubbing on muscles, the body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked. After a session of this massage you will feel energized and your partner will feel revitalized.

In some postures, the massage therapist uses hands to hold the client’s body while feet do the massaging. In other postures, the therapist’s legs and feet position the body while hands get to work. The massage may include pulling fingers, toes, ears, cracking knuckles and walking on the client’s back.

"Lazy Yoga" Massage is performed on mats or firm mattress on the floor; participants wear loose comfortable clothing, and should have the ability to move around on their hands and knees. Traditional Thai massage uses no oils or lotions.

There are wonderfully relaxing and nurturing techniques with a very gentle approach.

Thai massage isn’t just pressure applied to your body by someone else; it balances the body by limbering joints and loosening muscles through movement and strategic pressure.

What you will receive

You can guide your partner through yoga flow, placing his/her body in different yoga positions. You can help your partner to relax fully giving a deep treatment and wonderful experience of receiving "Lazy Yoga".

A comprehensive manual is provided filled with photographs on performing this work and information you will most likely be referencing long after this course is over. (Do they need a manual?)

Offering a massage to your partner you can help him/her: reduce muscle tension and spasms, mobilize the joints, improve blood circulation, balance and increase energy, and treat sciatica, headaches and neck pain, relax and feel energized.

Over the course, you will learn how to massage feet, legs, arms, hands, back and shoulders including sitting postures, back walking massage, neck, face and head. Your techniques will include acupressure, stretches and gentle compression movements. Both you and your partner will get perfect relaxation and the energy exchanging flow.

If you are a qualified therapist, it will give you some extra ideas to incorporate into your existing work.
It is also an opportunity to learn more about this therapy and gain an insight into Thai culture.


Schedule - Workshops

1 September

13H30 - 16H00: feet, legs, arms/hands + head/face

Over the course, you will learn how to massage FEET, LEGS, ARMS and HANDS.
Massaging these parts of body will help your partner to release tension, improve blood circulation and flexibility, have a sense of relaxation of the whole body.

You will be also introduced to FACE and HEAD massage.
HEAD massage is good for rejuvenating the skin and preventing wrinkles and sagging skin.
FACE massage helps to stop headaches and reduce emotional stress, improving healthy hair growth, increasing blood flow to the hair follicles etc.

The day will provide you with skills to give this wonderfully relaxing treatment to your family and friends.

2 September

13h30 - 16 h00: Shoulders, neck, back, sitting postures + walking on the partner

Over the course, you will learn how to massage BACK including BACK WALKING MASSAGE and SITTING postures, NECK and SHOULDERS massage.

The back, neck and shoulders tend to be the areas that are most affected when stressed.
Applying different techniques using hands, feet, elbows and knees you will be able to heal your partner.

BACK massage relieves tension from your partner's upper back and pain from lower back, releases “feel good” chemicals, increases joint flexibility and simply makes your partner feel relaxed.

During the course you will both give and receive treatment, leaving you perfectly relaxed and refreshed.

CHF 80 1 day - 2 days CHF 150



Natalia Pershyna 

is a professional Thai massage therapist who lived and studied in Thailand and completed all following courses: general Thai massage course (60 hours) , Thai Therapeutic massage course (180 hours), fire massage, foot massage course, reflexology, oil massage course, herbal compress massage, tok sen massage, facial massage, etc.

She follows her inner guide and passion being a yoga instructor and sharing hatha yoga, meditation, breathing techniques and Ayurveda (healthy eating). She lived in India over 1 year learning from Indian Gurus and traveling with them all over India and other countries.

Natalia lived in China 1 year and half learning about Chinese traditional culture, medicine and foot reflexology.
She travels to different countries sharing her knowledge and learning from old cultures and traditions.
Currently lives in Bali.

We are going to have an inspiring massage together!
Lazy Yoga is fun!

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