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  • L'EQUILIBRE YOGA Passage de Saint François 6 1003 Lausanne (map)


Do you feel stuck?

Do you feel low energy in these cold winter days?

Would you like to boost your immune system and feel stronger?

All the negative emotions and sensations that you have, that you vibrate, we want to show how you are able to change it.

Everything in the universe is composed of vibrations: light, air, colors, sounds, the movement of your body, your voice…

Each system has a cycle, a rhythm, a pattern and a pulse that exists in resonant harmony and sympathy with Earth's cycles. We are constantly subject to dissonances, be they aggressive noises, stress, overwork... All this often leads to an excess of fatigue, gradually becoming both mental and physical exhaustion. As our immune system is continually bombarded and weakened, it is difficult to maintain its harmony. The result is an imbalance that reduces our ability to respond to virus attacks that often lead to disease.

In other hand, harmonic frequencies of instruments such as Tibetan bowls can rebalance the body.

Do you want to learn how the vibration affects and stimulates you?

With this Self-healing workshop of 2h30min you will experience how the vibration of your body movement, your voice and the vibration of different instruments can change your mood, your own energy and the disturbing thoughts of your mind.

Discover with Omceanyogi who will guide you through the natural movement of your body and the connection with your breath and Filipa Arruda who will explain how to liberate your divine voice and will offer you a mystical healing session with Tibetans bowls, dejeridoo, cymbals, flute among other ethnic instruments.

BIO Filipa Arruda: Filipa were born at São Miguel Island at Azores - Portugal. The island taught her that we are connected that truly everything is connected.

Actually, she is leaving at Lausanne - Switzerland, where she firstly came to work as a Radio-oncology therapist, in 2008. This practice taught her compassion and how valuable life is.

The Sound Healing came into her life with love, hope and tenderness in a moment when she was healing herself. The Sound healing gave her a gift, as she says: “to learn the practice myself so I can share what I have been experiencing with others”.

Date: 18 March
14H00 - 16H30

Price: 80CHF

Min pax: 5 people, if not we have to cancel.

Earlier Event: February 3
Later Event: April 3