After many years of different styles of dance courses, including my favorite Body Awarness Dance for 3 years, one day I tried yoga and it felt like coming home. The postures, the pranayama and the Shavasana at the end of the practice gave me peace and contentment. It was still in Hungary where I was born and I went to a yoga studio in Budapest for a weekly practice. I moved to Switzerland in 2012 and luckily I found a wonderful teacher who helped me to dive deeper into my practice. When she moved back to her home country I had a little break from practicing but after a back injury I found myself on my mat again to recover. Since then yoga became part of my daily life. But for this time I discovered self practice. I’ve learned a lot about myself and I got connected to my body like never before.
One day I felt a strong inner call that I would love to pass this beautiful practice to others. I felt confident that my past experiences with movement and what I have discovered in yoga is a strong foundation of me becoming a teacher. So I signed up for Nico Luce’s Yoga Teacher Training here in Switzerland that I started in January and got certified in May. We got a very strong skill set from Nico in order to lead a class safely but also to create various flows. In the meantime I got an opportunity to give classes in a company for the employees. I loved it from the first minute! To see the faces, hear the breath, feel the empowering atmosphere of a group of people who come together to practice is magical. Every single time.
Beside “corporate yoga” I teach private classes as well, where the students have the possibility to fully immerse in the practice which is personalized and includes pranayama.
It is important for me to provide yoga students with clear alignment instructions as well as safe transitions. My goal is that people leave my sessions with a good feeling - physically, mentally and emotionally too.
If you are looking for a creative Hatha Vinyasa flow where you always have the chance to decide if you want to take it easy or to play with your limits, please come and practice with me!